Salsa Dance Teacher Training Course

The demand for information on how to set up, run, manage and become a qualified salsa dance teacher has had many people frustrated by the lack of information available. This course has come about to help you decide in which direction you should go to fulfil your dreams or to progress in the “Salsa Business” you are already running or hoping to set-up.

3 Days of Training with 2-course Lunch each day

The information in this Course was put together by two licentiate and a fellow of the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dance (U.K.A). The theory behind a successful salsa dance business, a must have for dance teachers wanting a professional qualification. The course will run Friday, Saturday, Sunday for 5 hours each day. For those that are already teaching, this gives more of an insight to teaching, prior to taking a Professional Assessment [...]

Professional Assessment

For those that are interested in teaching, this gives them an insight to what teaching is all about before they start training as Teachers. The syllabus is designed to prepare you towards a professional examination. There is a Theory and Practical part to this course. You will learn the fundamentals of teaching, special teaching language, organizational skills of breaking- down movement combinations, music training and history of salsa. [...]

Course cost options

Cost option one: £280

• The Child Protection Act
• Advertising and Marketing
• The history of Salsa dance and music
• Teaching techniques
• Class Management
• Venue/location risk assessment policy
• Fire risk assessment
• How to identify a fire risk
• Class presentation
• Psychology
• Musical Analysis
• The differences between the Salsa styles
• HSE - Health and Safety Executive
• The Protection of Children Act 1999
• Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA)
• PRS & PPL information
• Frequently Asked Questions
• History of Bachata Dance
• History Of The Paso Doble Dance
• The History Of The Rumba Dance
• Difference between Salsa and Mambo Dance
• History of Kizomba Dance
• History of Zouk Lambada Dance
• Forro Dance History
• History of Cumbia Dancing • and much much more....

option two: £395 with Examinor Assesment & UKA PROVISIONAL STATUS Certificate should you pass

Includes all of the above and at the end of the course a UKA Examiner will assess you for Provisional UKA Membership Certificate level, once you have completed the following:- (automatic passing is not guaranteed)

(1) DEMONSTRATION The candidate will be required to show at least 4 different rhythms or dances appropriate to the style. These should be danced as both Lead and Follow. The candidate may be required to dance solo.

(2) THEORY During an assessment interview, the candidate will be required to outline their experience and expectations in their dance career. A knowledge of the History and derivation of each dance. Cuban Motion & Isolation should be described & shown. Mambo, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, Bachata will be talked about. Salsa counted in Beats & Bars will be expected. Holds and leads should be described. [...]

Booking Course

We are taking names for the next course to run June for 3 days and September 2016 for 3 days in central London. If you would like to book your place, pay nothing now but put your name down to reserve your place. Text your name to 07788-45-75-95 or call 08844 482 2388. Please note we must receive payment in full at least 3 weeks before the course start date otherwised you will be put on this list for the following course. See payment methods below. [...]

How to Pay

You can make a one off payment in full and your booking will be confirmed via text and Email for the up coming course.

Payment by instalments:

Course option one. 3 monthly payments of £140
Course option two. 3 monthly payments of £144
Once we have received full payment we will book you onto the course that has availability.
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